Over 7 million Dutch people are active in the voluntary effort sector. Society as a whole benefits from their unpaid activities. Volunteers deserve professional attention and support. The Association of Dutch Voluntary Effort Organizations (NOV) gives the voluntary effort sector the attention it needs.

Who are we?

NOV is the leading organization within the voluntary effort sector of the Netherlands. NOV has 350 member organizations that work with or for volunteers. NOV is unique because it is the only organization in the Netherlands geared to strengthening voluntary work as such. It has two kinds of members: organizations that perform voluntary work and those that fulfil a supporting or coordinating role. 

What do we do?

NOV has three main tasks:

  1. To serve the interests of the voluntary effort sector. NOV is the spokesperson and lobbyist of Dutch voluntary work and as such a serious discussion partner of politicians, government officials and other policy-influencing parties. NOV provides advice, both solicited as well as unsolicited.
  2. To act as an intermediary for its members. NOV stimulates networks and offers member organizations the possibility to meet as a group, whereby the content of the work is most important. As a network actor, NOV gives its members the possibility to exchange knowledge and experiences and to develop collaborative projects. Through these networks member organizations mutually strengthen each other.
  3. To provide a major stimulus to the voluntary effort. NOV works towards more public recognition of voluntary effort, but its name is also used in innovative initiatives.

For whom

NOV focuses on the voluntary effort sector as such. The member organizations determine the Association’s future policies, and they are invited to make maximal use the networking role of the NOV.